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SAP TM (Stage Split ) -> Integration to SAP EM ( Sequencing Expected Events)

Hi All

The current scenario is SAP TM is integrated with SAP EM. ( Standard expected events are populating whenever Freight Order is created in TM & planned).

Recently TM is performing 'stage split' within the Freight order:

Stage Split ( scenario with 2 stages):

Location 1 ( Ex: customer plant) -> Location 2 (Nearest Airport )

Location 2(Airport ) -> Location 3 (Destination airport )

And in the EM

The behavior is 'standard set of events are getting populated for each stage.(please find the snapshot)

Our Client has a requirement that from SpatP6 to Genk - they dont need the expected events Unloading begin , Unloading End & Loading Begin , Loading End as there will not be any physical consolidation of goods but only a via transit.

Stage Split

Events in EM after stage split

Could you let me know how can i pull the events which are not required in case of a stage split scenario? If its possible via standard or enhancement only

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  • Hello Hemraj.
    You probably need a Z version of the standard Expected Event extractor (/SCMTMS/EXTR_EE_TO or /SCMTMS/EXTR_EE_TO40).



  • Former Member Zenon Kowalewski

    Thanks Zenon , i am currently thinking the same.

    I now understand there are two cases within Stage Split.

    1) With consolidation ( means there will be unloading , loading of packages ).

    2) Without consolidation ( no physical unloading or loading ).

    Will have to apply Z solution as you say.

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    Sep 04, 2017 at 04:03 PM

    Zenon is too subtle... ;)

    You absolutely have to make a copy of /SCMTMS/EXTR_EE_TO40 to a z-version and associate that with the config item ODT40_TO (or, preferably to a new custom one) associated with AOT (ODT40_TO or, preferably to a new custom one)

    Then you can go to the new z-function and change the logic behind LOAD_BEGIN, ... Sample of the current standard code shown below...

    ** Milestone 'LOAD_BEGIN' *
    CLEAR ls_expeventdata.
    * Application Object ID
    ls_expeventdata-appobjid = ls_app_objects-appobjid.
    * Logical System ID of an application system
    ls_expeventdata-appsys = i_appsys.
    * Application Object type
    ls_expeventdata-appobjtype = i_app_obj_types-aotype.
    * Login Language
    ls_expeventdata-language = sy-langu.
    ls_expeventdata-milestone = /scmtms/if_tor_const=>sc_tor_event-load_begin.
    * increase counter
    lv_milestonecnt = lv_milestonecnt + 1.
    ls_expeventdata-milestonenum = lv_milestonecnt.
    * get the date
    ls_expeventdata-evt_exp_datetime = lv_begin.
    * provide itemident with stop key
    ls_expeventdata-itemident = <fs_tor_stop>-node_id.

    Once that is done then no expected events will be created for the FO.

    Secondly, you also have to go to the event data relevance for each of the events. (E.g. LOAD_BEGIN = function module: /SCMTMS/REL_EVT_TOR_LB) and you have to avoid raising an event when the LOAD_BEGIN is not meant to be sent to SAP EM.

    Make sense? If not then you will need to engage an SAP EM person to help do it for you because this is several hours work.



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    • Former Member

      Kevin thanks indeed for the details.

      Looks much helpful.

      Well I am the EM person , trying to implement the requirement.

      I understood what you are pointing at , thanks again.

      In TM Stage Split: I have two scenarios

      Stage Split - scenario 1:

      SAP standard addresses "Consolidation' at Hub scenario & that is why we see the expected events uniformly distributed across point to point.

      Stage Split - Scenario 2: ( via transit )

      This means , there are no physical consolidation of goods at the trans - shipment location. This means when FO/FB is created the system should understand this is a stage split scenario & also identify the scenario 1(with consolidation) or Scenario 2 (only transit ) , if its only transit then the list of events like Load Begin/End at Consolidation points need to be not considered , but instead to be considered for the scenario 1 where consolidation occurs.

      Also i am trying to understand how the EM system will differentiate a FO to a stage split FO?