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Aug 18, 2017 at 08:00 PM

Handling Resource planning



I am asked to evaluate the fit of SAP TM with our client's needs beforehand, and I would appreciate some experts' confirmation of my understanding.

Our client wants to monitor the operators workload (= 1 guy per forklift) by location, knowing it changes from a week to the other (and business needs to adjust the number / working hours and availability).

From what I read, we could probably achieve this but I have a few questions:

- Creation of handling resources by location (let's say forklift 1, 2, etc...): I am thinking we could create them with a long validity period (to be used over time), specific operating times (to handle day and night shift) and then add a downtime if not available a certain week (known and maintained ahead of time).

- The carrier takes appointment with the yard and advises his appointment at the customer location: I know it's OK to enter the planned arrival time on each freight order.

As for the loading appointment, I think it is possible to enter too (not 100% sure..), together with a manual assignment of a handling resource (= an operator) to the freight order (this is done by the yard manager, not the transportation planner). The Transportation cockpit would probably give the overview they're looking for (all FOs / handling resources / timeline with Gantt chart) to monitor the operators' workload and loading planning of all FOs;

- On a day-to-day basis, they want to assign a specific user ID to the handling resource so that the operator only sees the freight units assigned to him.....As execution (picking process) would happen in ERP (or maybe eWM as I also have to analyse it), I wonder if there is a way to transfer this information ?

Thank you very much for your time !