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Aug 30, 2007 at 10:54 AM

GR for PO is not allowed



Iam have done one scheduling agreement with Subcontracting,

Child components are full stock no problem send to components provided to vendor.

afterthat i have done MIGO with recepct to SA and in MIGO screen iahve changed the Quantity and did the MIGO... The material document is created

when i want to cancell the materail doc. system will gives me below error

"Goods receipt for purch. order" is not allowed (ORD 1000605)

Message no. BS007


The current status of object 'ORD 1000605' prohibits business transaction 'Goods receipt for purch. order'.


To process business transaction 'Goods receipt for purch. order', you first have to change the status of object 'ORD 1000605' to allow the transaction 'Goods receipt for purch. order'.

This gives you an overview of the system and user statuses that affect the transaction. A transaction can only be executed if there is at least one status that allows it and there is no status that forbids it.

Transaction analysis