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Aug 30, 2007 at 10:41 AM

Problem with table with tablepopin and Tablepopintoggelcell



I've a table with a tablecolum that have a tablepopintogglecell. The other columns have a textview. Thats textview have bounds with a node with attributes. When I show the table, the table appears filled (it's right). When I push in the toggle cell, open the tablepopin that have a inputfield that have bound whit the same node and attributes that the table. The tablepopin show right. But, when i push in the second, or the third or the fourth... row and i want get the value of the inputfield that show in the tablepopin, (

node->get_attribute( exporting name = 'NAME' value = value

), <b>always</b> to give back the same value, the value it's the first value of the table, and the first value in the attributes of the node.

How I can get, when i push in the toggle cell, the value of the inputfield that the tablepopin show?