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Advantages of Implementing SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics in Client Place

Aug 18, 2017 at 12:03 PM


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Dear Experts,

Please share information on Advantages of Implementing SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics in Client Place. i have gone through the advantages mentioned by SAP. I am asking the features realized after S4 HANA Simple log -On Premise and Cloud.

i know the benefits the speeder, accurate and performance, trend and analytics and also user experience, Simplification, Tech features- columunar data base, IOT, OLTP/OLAP integration and so other features, removal of Aggregate tables, simplification and removal of redundancy in process, transaction wise beyond that why we need to advise a client to migrate to HANA S4 Simple log beyond SAP is concentrating on S4 HANA Slog improvement and thier full concentraton towards HANA S4 SLog in 2024 (where ECC importance will be obsolete).. is that true? will ECC is completely removed from usage and also on SAP WM part and SAP EWM is to be given more importance. it is completed withdraw from the support point by SAP. is that true ?



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Hi Experts,

Can you please advise here ?


i found very nice info when i googled for info. closing the thread.

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