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Aug 30, 2007 at 09:40 AM

ITS:: how to get diagnostics.log info to display in extautherror.html


Hi Gurus!

We have links in our Intranet to SAP transactions thru ITS.

On errors, the “<b>extautherror.html</b>” page displays the “<b>messageline</b>” parameter.

But the really useful information is in "<b>diagnostics.log</b>". The “messageline” message is too generic an doesn’t help users nor developers.

So, how could I get the value of the “<b>sapextauth: Error in Rfc Login: System returned:</b>” message by code? (for example, the kind of message that shows "has no RFC authorization for function group SYST".)

Its possible to get that diagnostics information to display it in the "extautherror.htm" page instead of the generic message (or added)?