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Aug 30, 2007 at 09:12 AM

Automatic Printing after Post Good Issue


Hi, I have a problem, I need to print a delivery note which I created using SE38 (just using write command) automatically after I click post good issue button. I have tried 2 ways for doing it :

1. Set up a BADI on Material Management Side but it doesn't work for the case if the delivery is created using VL01N and then post good issued directly without saving it as the data hasn't been saved in LIPS table.

2. Set up Output Type in Logistic Execution :

- Created a new Output type and I set dispatch time to 4 -> Send immediately ( when saving document)

- Created a new output determination procedure, set requirements to 1.(Post GI)

- Assign it to Delivery Type

- Using VV21 I created new conditions record for output type that I created and set the dispatch time to 4 (Send immediately).

When I created a Delivery Order then post good issued it, it says it's saved but nothing printed. When I go to VL02N Change mode, there is something saying Update was terminated.

In processing routine program for my output type there are lines :

submit y7vr_invoice ---> my print program

with s_vbeln = NoDO --->parameters

to sap-spool

spool parameters print_parameters

without spool dynpro

and return.

Update was terminated occurred on line "submit Y7vr_invoice"

When I change dispatch time in conditions record (VV22) to 3, no error but still no automatic printing.

Anybody can help me?Anything I missed?