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Segmentation on Hybris Marketing

Aug 18, 2017 at 06:01 AM


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I'm wondering how to realize the following scenario:

Some customers walk into the store to have an eye test, and two years later, I will send out an reminding message to them for the re-"eye testing", then I will create a Segmentation for these customer. Next day, another several customers come to store to have eye test again, and the "Next Day's two years'" later, I still have to send out these customers to re-"eye testing", then, I have to create another segmentation. The third day, same repeat thing.....

Hence, my question is hwo to create one Segmentation to realize above expectation, rather than creating one Segmentation each day?

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Komur Akil Aug 18, 2017 at 07:24 AM

Dear Danqing,

Why not play around with Segmentation using the Interaction Date?

1. Select all customers that had an interaction two years ago ( you can always use further Segmentation on interaction type e.g. "eye check" etc).

2. Create a dynamic target group

3. Each time there is a customer that had an "eye check" excatly two years ago, they will be added to that target group at campaign execution in step 4.

4. Create a periodic (daily) campaign to send a reminder for an "eye check" by email etc.

You might need further Segmentation on avoiding any customers that might have had an interaction after that interaction two years ago (e.g. someone that might have had an "eye check" one year ago). Please try to play around with Segmentation using the Interaction Date.

With regards,


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Dear Akil,

Very appreciate for you prompt response!

It's very clear for that you said! But I'm wondering how you set in Campaign? For the screen, after I create a dynamic target group and if I need to send out reminding message for the customer who need to have a re-testing 2 years later, what's the frequency I should set? 2 years, right?


For the execution details, you should choose daily. You will be checking daily whether there was a transaction "eye check" exactly two years ago. For each of the Interaction Contacts that had such a transaction exactly two years ago, you will send a reminder email.



Catherine Durieux Aug 23, 2017 at 01:26 PM


Another option is to make use of 'trigger based campaign'

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