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Aug 17, 2017 at 04:42 PM

issue in passing values from WF container -> task container -> custom BO method


Hi Experts,

I am facing a weird problem and I have tried most of the suggestions given on SCN.

I have a full custom workflow with three levels L1,L2 and L3 of approval. After last L3 approval, I call a BO method via ACTIVITY step in workflow and call FM. The issues is, values of the workflow containers are not getting passed to the custom method. I have check all bindings from WF-> task-> method but SWC_GET_ELEMENT 'FIELD' value does not return me any values(gives sy-subrc = 8). I have checked technical log too. The values from workflow container itself are not passed to the task. Seems, somewhere values are getting cleared off. I am entering these values from directly from worflow(for testing only). Please help me.

Please note, apart from user decision for L1,L2 and L3, I have some sendmail steps and activity steps to update Z tables. is it possible that the values into import paramenters which I pass from directly testing (F8) can be refreshed off.? how to fix it. Please help.It is very urgent. Thanks