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Inline picture zoom / enlarge

Apparently the current design is a bug:

Please vote for this idea.

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  • No, they did not break this one - I was using the old search link for the archive - with a specific repository - SRH and page.

    Now the same link does not return results from discussions (no way to get old spaces information), but you get results from the wiki, which is not that bad.

    I actually found a way to use it again for searching in the archive, I just changed the source filter.

    Unfortunately, the discussion, which Jeremy probably meant (Resized images hard to read, cannot enlarge them), is nowhere to be found - I tried searching by title in the new site... nothing. I can't remember if there were any comments to it, maybe this is why they did not migrate it.

    There is another discussion, where Werner Daehn tries to explain some html/css basics regarding element sizes in general and how to display different image sizes depending on your device: Fixed width rendering is ridiculous. Also a fun read, maybe Jeremy meant this one?

  • Unfortunately the link you posted gives me a page-not-found

  • Sorry, it appears I entered the link incorrectly:

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    Oct 24, 2016 at 12:23 PM
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