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Oct 11, 2016 at 08:26 AM

XSA Client Tools & Java Data Services in HANA Express


Hi all,

i successfully downloaded the free SAP HANA Express Edition. I also started playing around with this edition. Related to the initial get to know i have few questions where i cant find answers in the public internet:

1. Where I can download the XS CLI Client Tools. I know within the HXE virtual maschine it is already installed. However, i want to develop on my local machine. Somebody knows where to download it?

2. In the SAP XSA Developer Guide (Guide, on page 416), they mentioned the Java Buildpack. The provided github link is not valid. Somebody know where to get this buildpack?

3. Related to question 2, they also mentioned Java Data Services which allows us to generate JPA Java classes directly from our CDS Data Model. Where I get this Java Data Service Tools? Or they are included in the Java Buildpack


Best regards,