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ABAP Eclipse (Neon) Editor - error ED064 - No next/previous object found

Aug 22, 2017 at 08:07 AM


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I'm getting error ED064 - No next/previous object found, when activating a class in the ABAP Eclipse (Neon) editor.

If I open the same class in SAPGui, it activates fine. I've tried all the clean up and regenerate options of SE24, but I'm still getting the above error when maintaining the class in Eclipse.

I've search for the error, but found nothing.

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Mike Pokraka Aug 30, 2017 at 01:15 PM

Bump??? So what have you done in the intervening time to resolve the problem yourself? ;-)

Funny enough I've just stumbled on some inconsistencies myself yesterday. It probably is completely unrelated to your issue, but I found classes where components in the class definition tables didn't match the source. I think someone deleted an interface and SAP still kept a link to the implementation in the tables, or something like that. SE24 was quite happy with it, but Eclipse didn't like it.

So maybe try going through SEOCOMPO and SEOMETAREL and have a look if it all matches up. In my case I couldn't read the source code (FM SEO_METHOD_GET_SOURCE). .... just throwing ideas out. Also try Oxygen.

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After a few days, when I logged in, the problem had gone. Most odd.