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Universe Designer (COM) SDKs not working as expected

Aug 21, 2017 at 03:35 PM


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Hi Experts,

  • Environment Details:- BusinessObjects Version: BO 4.1 SP07
  • SDK Used: Designer COM SDKs
  • IDE Used: Visual Studio 2013
  • Runtimes Used: BO 4.1 SP07 .NET SDKs runtimes

I have a requirement, where we have to update the existing Universe & add some objects in it programmatically.

We have to update in the .unv type universes, so using the COM SDKs.

Below is the workflow that we are trying:

1. Login to Designer Instance:

myApplication = new Designer.Application(); myApplication.Logon("<User>", "<Password>", "<CMS>", "secEnterprise");

2. Retrieving the Universe from Enterprise:

Designer.Universe universe = myApplication.Universes.OpenFromEnterprise(obj.ParentCUID, obj.Title, false);

3. Refreshing the Structure, so that newly added columns in the database tables/views are reflected in the Universe:


4. Adding the object programmatically in the Universe:

Designer.Objects objects = additionClass.Objects;

Console.WriteLine("Start Object Adding");

Designer.Object newObject = additionClass.Objects.Add("Study UUID");

newObject.Type = Designer.DsObjectType.dsCharacterObject;

newObject.Select = "dbo.Studies.UUID";

newObject.Description = "New Object for testing purpose - Using COM SDK"; newObject.Parse();

Console.WriteLine(newObject.Name + " parsing is OK");

Console.WriteLine("Added new Object " + newObject.Name + " in Class -" + additionClass.Name);

5. Saving the Universe with the new Object added into Universe: universe.SaveAs(universe.Name);

Console.WriteLine("Universe Saved Success!!!");

6. Exported the Universe, closed the Designer instance: myApplication.Universes.Export(obj.ParentCUID, universeFilePath + universe.Name + ".unv", false);

Console.WriteLine("Universe Exported Successfully!!!");

universe.Close(); Console.WriteLine("Universe Closed!!!");


Console.WriteLine("Designer Quit!!!");

My SDK program is executed successfully, however I am not seeing any new object added into the Universe (when I am exporting the updated copy of the Universe from the Enterprise).

Attaching the full code also.

Anyone have face this issue earlier? Any pointers, how to resolve this issue? Am I doing anything wrong in the attached program workflow.




program.txt (6.3 kB)
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Daniel Paulsen
Aug 22, 2017 at 04:35 PM

Hi Shailendra,

does the saved local copy have the updated objects when opened in UDT?

is the timestamp on the universe in the CMC updated at all? My first suspicion is that the "universeFilepath" variable along with the concatenated name and extension has something wrong with it and its exporting to a different name or folder.


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Former Member

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your help.

You're correct, the issue is with the statement, where I am exporting the Universe to enterprise.

Below statement resolved the issue:

myApplication.Universes.Export(obj.ParentCUID, UnivName);

Though I have one more question.

My program is a Visual Studio 2013, Windows Console Application & while performing the steps with Universe like Importing, Saving & Exporting popup the Windows dialog box for confirmation.

Is there any way to get rid of that?

Attached is the screenshots of the popup the Windows dialog box for confirmation while performing changes in Universe.







Hi Shailendra,

to prevent popups, try: myApplication.Visible = False;