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Aug 21, 2017 at 01:12 PM

WM Wrong Unit of Measure conversion


Hi Gurus !

I'm having trouble with Unit of Measure for a WM material.

The material used to work properly, but apparently not since the last change. Everything looks good to me and another material that went through the exact same changes works fine.

Conversion rules says 1 CS is 20 EA.

On the Material Document we can already see that the quantity of 35 CS is converted to 0.7 EA instead of 700.

Then the TR is obviously wrong as well and so are all the TO since then. You can see that the previous TO were good.

You can also see the values in table MARM for this material and the other one that works perfectly.

It is a retail material but I don't think it matters much in this particular case ?

Thanks a lot !






migo.png (84.9 kB)
tr.png (37.5 kB)
to.png (45.8 kB)
marm.png (55.1 kB)