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Aug 21, 2017 at 10:57 AM

How can I integrate Python into SAP HANA Studio SQL Console?


Hi SAP community,

I'm a fresh beginner in SAP HANA Studio and i just dove into the topic of integration of different programming languages in SAP HANA Studio. As I just recently discovered it is widely covered and explained how to integrate R into SAP HANA Studio, where you use RLANG in the SQL Console and write your calculations and routines in R fully integrated in HANA Studio.

Now I'm faced with the same question just with python. I already accomplished to connect from the python interpreter to my HANA database as it is already explained here:

But this is not exactly what I aimed for.

Additionally what does my question have to do with creating a python buildpack in XSA. Because that is what my colleague is currently doing. But even after he finished that, how does it help me to write my python script in the SQL Console in HANA Studio?

I hope I don't confuse you with my inexperience.

Greetings Minh