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SO price in PO for a third party order


I am trying to fetch SO price in PO by using reference condition type. Here is what I did,

1) In the PO condition type, I set reference condition type of SO with reference application type V

2) Calculation type, condition base are same for both condition type

3) In the PO condition type, I created a access sequence and condition table which mirrors the SO condition type's access sequence/condition table.Meaning, Both MM and SD access sequence have similar access, condition tables and fields.

Now here is the issue,

This a third party scenario, so SO is created which creates PR and then subsequent PO. In the SO, Sold to party and ship to party are different. In VK11, condition records are maintained for Sold to party but not for Ship to party.

In the PO that is created, condition table tries to access KUNNR as ship to party, whereas the same condition table in SO access KUNNR as sold to party.

Since there is condition record maintained for ship to party, my PO pricing fails to fetch the SO price

Can you let me know what needs to be done so that PO condition table fetch sold to party of the SO instead of ship to party.

Same case applies for division (SPART) as well. PO condition table access a different division whereas SO condition table access correct division. I would like to know the settings such that PO condition table access the same division as that of SO condition table.

Can you please help ?

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