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client dependent n client independent?????????/

hi this is vinod,

please explain the concept behind of script client dependent and smartforms r client independent pleaseee its urgent????????????

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3 Answers

  • Aug 29, 2007 at 05:09 AM


    Client dependent Means if you create that data in one client is limited to that client only and it is not accessable in other clients

    Like SAP SCRIPTS and STD texts data

    where as Client Independent means the data if you create in one client that is available in that as well as in other clients

    Like SMARTFORMS, All dictionary Objects data and Repository objects data like Programs, Fun modules, tables etc..

    There is no specific reason behind why scripts are client dep[endent and smartforms are client independent!!!

    As for SAP -- Scripts are called client dependent because if you create client in say,200 it would be available in that only.If you want to test the script in client 300 then it won't be there,you will have to go to transaction se71 in 300 .Then Utilities-> Copy from client.Give the source as 200 & form name(i.e. script name) & copy.

    Few more reasons why....? Please read below:

    SAPscript technology is based on a mainframe product from the 1980s.SAPscript forms have always been -- under the hood -- relatively passive objects, with minimal embedded logic. These forms were designed to be driven and controlled by ABAP programs, much in the way ABAP programs read in database tables to produce reports;

    if you ever download a SAPscript form (e.g., via utility program RSTXSCRP), and look at the portable text file it produces you'll see what I mean.

    Many text objects (e.g., invoice header texts) are bound directly to documents which are client-dependent, so it makes sense for these text objects to also be client-dependent. From a complexity standpoint, SAPscript forms are close enough to these text objects where I can see how it made sense at the time to make them client-dependent too.

    rewards if useful,



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  • Aug 29, 2007 at 05:44 AM

    Yes, SAPscripts are client dependent.

    Let me explain the difference between client dependent and client independent...

    You have customized table and you don't have a field called mandt(client ) in it.. if you maintain values in client 100 for this customized table it will be stored in all clients... similar concept applies to scripts...

    Ex, if you have two development clients, 100 & 200, where in 100 you are modifying the SApscript and your test data exists in client 200, now since scripts are client dependent.. you have to download it from client 100 and upload to client 200, where as in smartform whatever changes you make in client 100 will be reflected on client 200 without download or upload as they are client independent..

    I guess you understood the concept...

    Close the thread and reward to all useful answers.



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    Aug 29, 2007 at 09:23 AM


    sap has different logon clients as you can see on the logon screen.

    these are different clients who will use same programs table etc but different data.

    if you create a table in 1 client it will be seen through but if you fill the data from 1 client it will not be seen from the other,

    same with the case of programs it will show the program from all clients but if you create a form only that particular client can see that.

    as sap scrips are based on old technology sap has created the scripts for client specific but the smartfoems are client independent

    you can refer to the following links


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