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Aug 18, 2017 at 10:21 AM

Extend CDS View with an Empty RawString Field


Hello community,

I want to add an empty RAWSTRING field in a CDS view.

The datatype /gkv/cm91_bs_xlsx_datastream is RAWSTRING. But here I get an error message, that the casting of RAWSTRING is not possible. Is there any way to extend a CDS view with a field of the type RAWSTRING?

Background: This CDS view is the base of the mapping of a service implementation of a Gateway Service. It is necessary to extend the property of the entity of this Gateway Service with a datastream field to export an Excel file datastream with this service. In all other cases the base is a BOPF object and here it is so far no problem to do this steps.

Thanks for tips and hints.

Best regard