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Aug 28, 2007 at 08:18 PM

Country Specifc .....what to do when MOLGA and VIEKN do not match?


I have seen a few posts mentioning the issues but no resolutions. So here is the specific ESS services look at an employee's pers. area which in turn points to a company code which in turn points to a country grouping which is the employee's assigned MOLGA. This tells us which service to run for the employee. It works great if say I work in Germany (MOLGA=-01) and live in Germany (VIEKN=01). However, in my situation , we have a pers. area set to 01 that applies to employees in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Luxembourg. So for example if an employee works in Germany (MOLGA=10) but lives in Belgium(VIEKN=12), ESS throws up the big dreaded error "Country/Structure do not match application country". What's funny is that if I go into the PCD and run the iView for say "Addresses" for Belgium in this case, it works fine. It almost seems as if the employee's VIEKN is being checked against the program's internal MOLGA setting.

I am sure I am not the only one to hit this I said, I have seen other posts.....sooooo any solution for an employee working for a comp. code in one country but living in another (ie. needs specifc address, bank, etc screens)? MUCH thanks in advance for any help!!!!