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Aug 28, 2007 at 07:31 PM

Subcontracting & MRP Areas


Hi, I'm on a project and we're looking at a way of doing a weird process.

Basically they want to do internal assembly with a Subcontracting PO process.

1. All the Finished Products would be stored in storage location SL01.

2. All the components used for the Finished Products would be stored in storage location SL02.

3. The rest of the components (for direct selling) would be stored in storage location SL03.

With PP the solution would be :

A. I create an MRP Area for SL02.

B. I use special procurement inside the component material masters for the MRP Area SL02 to procure stock from the plant.

C. I assign SL02 as a Production Storage Location in the BOM items so the dependent requirements go down in the MRP Area.

D. The requirement generates a Stock Transfer Requisition from the MRP Area to the plant.

That works I know ... but since they plan to use Subcontracting Order all the requirements from PReq or PO are coming outside of the MRP Area even if the BOM item Storage location is in the PReq or PO ... that's normal stuff (see note 503497).

I know the normal process would be to create a Subcontracting MRP Area, but the thing is that I want the requirements for components to come down on 1 specific storage location and then, if it doesn't have enough stock there, ask to the rest of the plan for it. With a subcontracting MRP Area, the requirement would still come down on the plant, not the MRP Areas.

So basically my question is : Does anyone know what could be done to make it work (standard or custom / ABAP solution).