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Aug 28, 2007 at 06:35 PM



Hi All,

I have an authorizations issue and wondering if anyone has some insight on this. I am working on an authorizations scheme based on sales organization.

For instance, Sales Group is the sales rep and the sales office is the location. A salesman can sell into his own sales office as well as others. i.e. Rep A sold to Washington D.C (home office) as well as Seattle (another one).

Now in terms of authorizations, a manager needs to run a report on revenue and needs to see all revenue within his sales office as well as sales his reps have done for other offices. Which means the manager for Washington needs to see 1,000,000 sold into his office as well as the 200,000 sold into Seattle. To make things further complicated, he needs to see the dollars that other reps from other offices have sold into his office. The authoriations should restrict him from seeing the other amounts. e.g. Rep B from Seattle sold 30,000 of the 1,000,000 into Washington. The manager should see the rep and only 30,000 and not the rest of his revenue.

So far I have tried various ways using analysis authorizations but the only way to get the "OR" statement is to use virtual characteristics. I would like to avoid this due to performance reasons.