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Aug 28, 2007 at 03:13 PM

lookup of alternativeServiceIdentifier via CPA-cache failed


use RFC Adapter integration.R/3 is a Sender.

R/3 error Trace:

  • Trace file opened at 20070828 225759 BEIST SAP-REL 620,0,1602 RFC-VER 3 679277

======> lookup of alternativeServiceIdentifier via CPA-cache failed for channel 'CC_XR3QAS_RFCSender' (640b06bbc5de3e2bad746

ABAP Programm: SAPLXLOM (Transaction: IL02)

Called function module: ZPM_FUNCLOC_SEND_MIS

User: HONGYL (Client: 300)

Destination: XIRFCOUT (handle: 3, convid , {46D39CAD-EF82-0088-0000-00000A93DA70})

but on RWB Adapter Monitor : Can see:


Sender Channel 'CC_XR3QAS_RFCSender' for Party '', Service 'JXD' (Internal Name 'RfcServer[CC_XR3QAS_RFCSender]')

Server data: {jco.server.gwhost=, jco.server.progid=xpsmsqas, jco.server.gwserv=sapgw00, jco.server.unicode=0}

Repository data: {jco.client.lang=EN, jco.client.snc_mode=0, jco.client.client=300, jco.client.passwd=******, jco.webas.ignore_jdsr_error=1, jco.client.user=hongyl, jco.client.sysnr=00, jco.client.ashost=}

Current pool size: 1, max pool size : 10