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Some less consequential bugs: Questions & Answers

Oct 11, 2016 at 05:48 AM


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I'm using Chrome on Windows Desktop, 1920x1080 at 125% Zoom.

1) when displaying Questions by tag (or is it a topic..?), counter on top of list is 0;

2) [Show more] after reaching end of Question list shows what I presume to be some kind of quick Question creation form with weird Replies and Likes numbers; repeated [Show more], which one would expect to be nonfunctional after reaching the end of list, repeats the form;

3) after [View all related content] and filtering on Questions, there is nonfunctional, space wasting [Follow] button, and the list seems to be incomplete

And, it's not a bug, but I feel that the lists will become barely usable unless they will get some kind of paging functionality instead of, or in addition to this [Show More] stuff. That plus much more filtering options (by dates feels like obvious one)



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The pics were take yesterday evening and the Questions list from 3) might already be fixed - showing 55 Questions for Using tag now (I'm too lazy to count again...).


The [Follow] button from 3) seems to be fixed now as well...


#2 ("Show more" at the end of the list) is still an issue. Just ran into it and was going to put in a question but automated search found this post. Well, at least something is working well. :)

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Yaniv Bar
Oct 11, 2016 at 08:56 AM

hi Jānis,

thanks a lot for your great feedback.

re #1, 2 - these are known bugs we didn't get to fix so far.

re #3 - I suspect yesterday you were simply not logged in on the side, and hence button was disabled for you. unfortunately the log in is not yet persisted there automatically (It is all over the other community tools and services).

also taking your last comment into consideration.

Please keep sharing feedback with us!



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