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Oct 11, 2016 at 05:48 AM

Some less consequential bugs: Questions & Answers

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I'm using Chrome on Windows Desktop, 1920x1080 at 125% Zoom.

1) when displaying Questions by tag (or is it a topic..?), counter on top of list is 0;

2) [Show more] after reaching end of Question list shows what I presume to be some kind of quick Question creation form with weird Replies and Likes numbers; repeated [Show more], which one would expect to be nonfunctional after reaching the end of list, repeats the form;

3) after [View all related content] and filtering on Questions, there is nonfunctional, space wasting [Follow] button, and the list seems to be incomplete

And, it's not a bug, but I feel that the lists will become barely usable unless they will get some kind of paging functionality instead of, or in addition to this [Show More] stuff. That plus much more filtering options (by dates feels like obvious one)