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Aug 28, 2007 at 12:10 PM

Query on Time Scheduling ............................Urgent pls help


Dear Friends

Here is my query on Background processing,

I want to run a program in background which ll save the details in AL11.

I want to schedule this object between 12 AM night to 2 AM night as per the indian time standard.

The data should be save the data in al11 as the following format=>

1-It ll show the PO details that has been created between 12-1 and 1-2,it should not show 12-1 data in 1-2 means between 12 to 2 i ll store the data in AL11 that has been created between these one hour time if it would more than one hour than last one hour data it wont show in al11.

Now the Pos that has been created between 2 am to next day night should be display when the user ll run the report at next day 12 o'clock.

Can you give me the following idea,

1-Which table stores the background scheduling time,if NAST than what is the field name.

If anyone solve this kind of prob,pls help me on this.

Thanks a lot