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Webservice: Abbreviation of derived names not possible

Aug 17, 2017 at 01:03 PM


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Dear all,

I have been developing a solution template in SAP Cloud Applications Studio. I created a webservice for a SAP Business Object (GoodsAndActivityConfirmation).

When I first tried to activate the webservice, I received some errors as some names exceeded 120 characters in several operations. The changes/abbreviations were no Problem.
After I then tried to activate the webservice, I received another two errors; two Message Names exceeded 120 characters again. The problem is that these Message Names do not have a Message Type (Request/Response) so that I cannot access them through the display tree (see attached). Due to that, an abbreviation of the name is not possible.

How is it possible to access these Message Names in order to abbreviate them?


Best regards,


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Former Member Nov 30, 2017 at 03:13 PM

Hopefully someone from SAP can chime in with a better answer, but one way i found is to alter the actual ".webservice" file itself.

Go into the CopernicusIsolatedShell directory, find the Tenant and Project you've created the .webservice file in. Open that in a text editor (make sure you don't have it open in the Cloud Application Studio)

Find the line that it tells you that you need to abbreviated. It will look something like this:




<OperationName>Create</OperationName> <OriginalDerivedName>GoodsAndActivityConfirmationGAC_WSCreateRequestInventoryChangeItemInventoryItemChangeIdentifiedStockInventorySeparatingValuesIdentifiedStockKey</OriginalDerivedName>


Adjust it to look like this:




<OperationName>Create</OperationName> <OriginalDerivedName>GoodsAndActivityConfirmationGAC_WSCreateRequestInventoryChangeItemInventoryItemChangeIdentifiedStockInventorySeparatingValuesIdentifiedStockKey</OriginalDerivedName> <HasUserSpecified>X</HasUserSpecified>



Save the file, then go back to the Cloud Application Studio. Open the .webservice file in the cloud application studio and you should see your changes now appear. Save and Activate it.

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