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Aug 28, 2007 at 09:38 AM

simple value set


Hello Friends,

I am extending one view, on this view there are two inputfields are defined with f4 help. I have added another input field, and have to add f4 help button ( i tried to do the same as other two fields are defined )

I looked into the wdinit method, and found something like this:

IWDAttributeInfo attributeInfo = wdContext.getNodeInfo().getAttribute("FileName");

ISimpleTypeModifiable fileNameType = attributeInfo.getModifiableSimpleType();

IWDAttributeInfo attributeInfo1 = wdContext.getNodeInfo().getAttribute("ReportType");

ISimpleTypeModifiable reportTypeType = attributeInfo1.getModifiableSimpleType();

IWDMessageManager msgMgr = this.wdThis.wdGetAPI().getComponent().getMessageManager();

Zport_Get_Tables_Input input = new Zport_Get_Tables_Input();


IModifiableSimpleValueSet valueSet = fileNameType.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();

for (int i = 0; i < wdContext.nodeZrpt_Table().size(); i++)


valueSet.put(wdContext.nodeZrpt_Table().getZrpt_TableElementAt(i).getTabname(), wdContext.nodeZrpt_Table().getZrpt_TableElementAt(i).getDdtext());


valueSet.sort(true, true, true);


// Set field label and populate valueset


IModifiableSimpleValueSet valueSet1 = reportTypeType.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();

for (int i = 0; i < wdContext.nodeZrpt_Type().size(); i++)


valueSet1.put(wdContext.nodeZrpt_Type().getZrpt_TypeElementAt(i).getDomvalue_L(), wdContext.nodeZrpt_Type().getZrpt_TypeElementAt(i).getDdtext());


valueSet1.sort(true, true, true);


Can any one pls make me sure, if this is simple value set, if yes, I want to read and understand this svs, is there any good documentation, which describes svs ( so that first I can make the concepts and then try to implement the input fields )

Thanks and kind regard,