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Restore BO Servers Configurations via CCM from PROD to DEV environment

Hi Everyone,

I have searched this and other forums, however not been able to find a resolution to my issue of restoring BO servers configuration via CCM from PROD to DEV enviornment. Please see below for steps I have done.

My Environment

OS : Win2k12 R2 x64

BO : 4.2 SP2 Patch 0



Take a back (biar file) of BO Server Configuration via CCM --> Selecting "Back up Server Configuration"


1. From the DEV CCM, stop the SIA

2. Copy the FileStore from PROD to DEV into the DEV BO server.

NOTE: This is done every night because our PROD and DEV environments are on different networks. We copy the File Store from PROD to DEV, which brings in all objects related to PROD; this is done via Scheduled Task.

3. In DEV - Connect to BO CMS via HANA STUDIO and deleted all rows related to PROD BO servers, using SQL to delete BO Cluster information:

delete from cms_infoobjects7 where typeid in (16,17);

delete from cms_infoobjects7 where objectid=4;

Question: Is this the right SQL to use for deleting all PROD BO servers in preperation for DEV BO servers to be restored?

4. From the CCM tool on DEV BO Server, select "Restore Server Configuration". This is the beginning of restoring BO Server Configuration of Server intelligence Agent (BINODE1)“

5. Used 6900 for temporary CMS Port and enter credential to connect to DEV HANA instance

6. Entered CMS name and the user name and password of an account with administrative privileges

7. Specify the location and name of the BIAR file that contains the server configuration settings to restore.

NOTE: A summary page displays the contents of the BIAR file, however it is blanked instead of listing all my DEV BO servers.

8. A warning message indicates that existing server settings will be overwritten by values in the BIAR file, and if you proceed, the current server settings will be lost.

9. Clicked Yes to restore the server configuration settings.

10. The BIAR file is read--> HERE IS WHERE IT GOES WRONG.

11. Error message appeared: "Errors occured while readying the BIAR files"

I checked the logs:

RESTORE Log: "Unexpected internal error occurred. The CMS terminated unexpectedly with exit code 0"

Another log named: error_CMS6900.log: "33007 Cannot find the user, group or object 4. 35101 The root server reported an error Initialization Failure. (Reason: Cannot find the user, group or object 4. Object 4 not found)

After this I have tired different options:

1. Add node with CMS - FAILED

2. Add node with default servers - FAILED

At this point I would like to be back at the point where the default BO servers are installed. Any help/advise would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Regards, Trieu

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3 Answers

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    Sep 14, 2017 at 08:59 PM

    We resolved this by removing the step to execute sql command to delete rows from CMS:

    delete from cms_infoobjects7 where typeid in (16,17);

    delete from cms_infoobjects7 where objectid=4;

    We instead did the following:

    1. Stopped SIA

    2. Restore Server configuration >> Must use temporary CMS and temporary port (something other than 6400, like 6900)

    3. Enter the appropriate info and .biar file

    4. Restore process occurred

    5. Checked the logs upon completion

    6. Start SIA

    7. Verify Server configuration in CMC.

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  • Aug 22, 2017 at 12:36 PM

    Follow below instructions: Only difference I see is, Step#3 in your list, need to be executed later, not at the beginning.

    1. Stop SIA and Tomcat on actual production server
    2. Stop SIA/Tomcat on sandbox or New server
    3. Right click on SIA and Properties -> Configuration
    4. Specify new CMS DB source (Which is backup of Production CMS DB
    5. Choose ‘Update Data source settings
    6. SelEct ‘Data base driver’ as Oracle Native driver’
    7. Specify credentials for backup DB, Server name, Username and Password
    8. In CCM, Select ‘Add Server Intelligence Agent’ and

    i.Update host file entries on DR as I stated above.

    > Point DR SIA to the backup of Prod database.

    > Dont sart SIA, after pointing the SIA go to the properties of SIA > Configuration and change the cluster name click on apply and ok.

    > Start this newly created SIA.

    > click on Add node button in CCM and in the node name provide exactly the same SIA node name which is present in the production, select option create detault servers and check Recreate SIA, provide SIA, CMS port select cms database (backup of your prod) and complete the steps.

    > After this SIA created successfully without starting it, from CCM highlight it and click on delete node button and in the cms name provide localhost and the port on which the CMS of started SIA is running and delete the SIA, it will delete all the entries and its dependencies from the CMS database.

    > Perform the same steps for rest of the SIA nodes which were present in the production database.

    9. SIA Name same as new server name

    10. Port 6410

    11. Create default servers on the new node

    12. Check the box “ Recreate SIA on the local host, if it already exists in the CMS DB.

    13. New CMS port 6400

    14. Specify CMS DB information

    15. Enter Admin password of original system (Prod) and click Finish

    16. Repeat the same steps from 9-15 while current SIA running.

    17.Stop the SIA and restart the SIA to see all the servers started

    17. execute below SQL to delete Node

    deletefrom cms_infoobjects6 where si_cuid='CUID of the PROD SIA';


    18. execute below SQL to delete CMS server of the old prod server

    deletefrom cms_infoobjects6 where objectid='';


    19. Remove Remote server names from CCM startup tab for not showing up old server name

    20. Open SIA, Configuration tab, change cluster name to “Current server name”

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    Sep 06, 2017 at 11:53 PM


    We were able to get our BI4.2 environment back to the 16 or so default servers by adding a new SIA with the default servers.

    Here is how we did it. We were lucky that the BI4.2 environment is a sand box so we deleted all CMS tables related to the schema. Added a new SIA with default servers. Next, we selected the original SIA and selected Restore Server Configuration option to restore the orginial server configuration. Next, we deleted the new servers and SIA.

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