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Extended system ID - LMDB


Actually the system ID is QAT and I am seeing the same in SLD as well..But in the LMDB technical system tab, there is another entry as QAT00002 and I dont see the QAT present..The QAT00002 has correct host systems, so I did LMDB verification for the same and doing managed system config for it ( QAT00002)

will this affect the EWA and other configs for the original ID - QAT

Please clarify...

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi

    If you only have a single system with system identifier QAT I would recommend cleaning up (remove the system from SLD which then synchronizes delete to LMDB, if needed clean up manually what is left in SolMan / LMDB) and then push the sld registration again for this system so you get the proper entry in LMDB in the end. This way, you should end up again with QAT instead of having an extended SID.

    You can control how the SLD behaves when you have the same SID but you move the system for example, which can otherwise cause the same SID to reappear with 0001 or 0002 depending on how much entries it finds back where SID QAT is used.

    This SAP note discusses parameter setting that you can maintain to prevent the system from creating an extended SID if the original SID moves in terms of hostname for example:

    1727294 - AS Java/ABAP System move functionality

    In terms of configuration, I would say, just test EWA generation for example. It should also work with extended SID configuration but it sounds like you've got a situation now that is not clean, can create confusion and I can imagine it can cause issues also as an effect.

    Best regards


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