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0IC_C03 + Total Stock Qty

I've searched and there are a ton of notes and questions around this structure but I can't find the one for my issue.

My cube seems to have the correct values loaded. I can match up the values loaded to the cube with MB51 and can see my in's and out's. My issue is when i'm reporting inventory qty and value i'm always off by a qty of 1 which seems to be getting calculated at run time. In my example I loaded inventory on 8/3 for 31 pieces and I see this in the cube, when I run a report day by day the report says I had -1 qty for 8/1 and 8/2 and so on 8/3 instead of showing 31 i have 30. This causes both my qty and value to be off.

Any ideas why the report is calculating this -1 on my inventory?

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1 Answer

  • Aug 23, 2017 at 07:32 PM

    Figured I would follow-up on this and provide some visuals as to what is happening.

    This first image is from MB51. You'll see that on 8/3 we loaded a total of 31 items to inventory and on 8/4 we loaded 40 items.

    This image shows the data from 0IC_C03 for this particular material

    This is the output from the query. You'll see that the receipt total stock and total stock columns are correct but my quantity total stock (Standard BW Cube field 0TOTALSTCK) shows -1 for 8/1 and 8/2.

    The -1 is what is causing me issues and I can't figure out what I'm getting a negative. This happens for every material in the system. I do know that the 0TOTALSTCK field is the BW field that uses non-cumulative value with inflow (0RECTOSTCK) and outflow (0ISSTOTSTOCK) to calculate it's balance.

    Any ideas guys? Is this an issue caused with the way I loaded the structure? Is this an issue with the query?

    mb51.jpg (35.0 kB)
    0ic-c03.jpg (9.6 kB)
    bex-query.jpg (31.3 kB)
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