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How to add new place holders in the E-mail template

Aug 21, 2017 at 09:07 AM


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Hello Experts,

In my project, i have to create E-mail template with specific place holders related to Lead/Opportunity. SO i can use this template in the "E-mail work flow" to trigger E-mail to specific employee. But currently E-mail template editor having few place holders (Account name, Account owner, first name etc...) related to customer data. But now, how can i add required place holders related to Lead/Opportunity (Lead ID, created By, expected revenue etcc) to complete the e-mail template requirement. And how can add attachments to the E-mail Template. Please help


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Matheus Bastian
Aug 21, 2017 at 12:30 PM

Hello Ramaraju,

You will not be able to add new place holders since this is handled by the developers. If you wish to add other place holders, please request it in the Ideas Forum:;

On your post, please provide a good explanation on why this is needed so other customers may also agree, hence the idea could be upvoted faster. Our Solution Management team will then evaluate the feasibility of the defaulting functionality for a future release.


Matheus Bastian

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Hi Bastain,

Thanks for the quick reply.

My requirement is "when ever a sales representative make any changes in the lead/Opportunity, Employee responsible should trigger an E-mail with who changed, what changes has been done in the lead/Opportunity and the Lead/Opportunity ID"

In the Notification work flow, we can put place holders for Changed by and Object ID, but dont have option to trigger "What change happens in the Lead/Oppt (Ex: If sales rep update attachment for the lead, this should give the info in the notification or E-mail)

Could you please provide your inputs/thoughts on how to achieve this requirement.




Hello Venkata,

As of now, the system does not provide a timing when Attachments are added to a Lead for a notification, for example.

So, you would have to use the 'On every save' timing and then use the conditions provided by the system to try to fulfill your requirements. For example, try creating a notification rule for Account change and an e-mail template to write down a text: "#OpportunityID# | Account was changed".

This way, you could create rules for each action you want the Employee responsible to be notified of.

Matheus Bastian