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Aug 21, 2017 at 06:43 AM

Payroll Cost booking on to receiver object (WBS/Sales Order) - CAT2


I am having the business requirement as below for time sheet booking and payroll posting.

The user will book his time sheet in CAT2 against receiver wbs and receiver sales order object. We are not using network activity and work center activity type allocation for booking as the business need actual payroll allocation to post directly against receiver object as per the time sheet booking.

As a part of the solution, I have done following thing.

1. Created data entry profile by selecting "Assignment of the personal cost to receiver object".

2. Enable the field Receiver WBS and Sales Order Line item. We dint maintained IT0315 as there is no sender cost center/activity type.

3. Completed the time sheet in CAT2, Release and approved and transfer to HR for payroll using CAT6.

4. Payroll run was done and posted.

But, it's posted against the master cost center of the employee and not as per setting is CAT's data entry profile. ie. against receiver object as WBS/Sales Order to accounting. I

am aware that If I maintained, cost distribution IT027, it possible to distribute the cost to WBS/Sales order but, I need to maintained % against each WBS and in our business, every person works on different project/sales order every day and it's not possible to fix this.

Kindly advise me how I can map this requirement in CAT's.


Atul Rajmane