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Aug 27, 2007 at 03:25 PM

Very Very Ungent....Critical Issue on Fixed % in Credit


Hi Gurus.,

I am struggling with this Fixed percentage in the Credit Row of Costing Sheet.

Because, previously i have maintained the 50% for all the overheads.(Mat, Production, Sales, Admin).

The results from CK11N, these OH's is not coming as per the %'s.

So, what i did is i removed the Fixed percentages for all except material OH.

Even i did'nt maintain the Fixed % also, in the result, still the amounts are spilting as fixed & variable...say 16% as fixed proportion and rest of the amount as variable.

How & what is the logic behind the Fixed percentage of the overheads.

Can anybody clarify me on the concept of Fixed Percentage in Credit.

Thanks to one & all.....

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