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Bobj Webi reports issues

Aug 20, 2017 at 06:38 AM


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Hello All,

I have searched this topic, but wasn't able to find a proper answer. I have a query regarding Bobj Webi reports from different bobj servers. company A is having bobj server version 4.2, comp A acquired comp B which has bobj server ver 4.1

B has webi reports and universe based on oracle db tables, B will retire bobj 4.1 and oracle db soon. Plan is to get these reports from B server into A server.

comp A has sql server db, all tables are recreated in sql server in A based on oracle db tables from B, historical data will move later from B to A.

biar files are created for reports and universes in comp B bobj server. Plan is to import these biar files into A bobj server. once imported to A server, what will happen to the reports and universes? the imported universes have oracle db structure from B server and might not work. shall i recreate universes based on sql server (comp A bobj server connects to sql server)? any ideas? thanks for your replies.

regards, baggi

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2 Answers

Mahboob Mohammed Aug 21, 2017 at 03:14 PM

Hi Baggi,

This is a full migration project with multiple changes:

  1. BusinessObjects version from BO 4.1 to BO 4.2, which may / may not be as big of a deal.
  2. Change of database from Oracle to SQL Server, this is huge, and because of this, many of the Universes & reports WILL be affected, may require update / creation from scratch.

Reasons for bullet 2:

  • When you migrate the data from Oracle to SQL Server database, you'll need to have tables names, column names, datatypes in SQL Server similar to what you had in Oracle.
  • Different Syntaxes, Functions are used by different databases, in your case Oracle and SQL Server. So, you'll have to go through most of the dimensions, measures, predefined filters, derived tables (if any) in the Universe, unit test each of them and/or test the Universes and reports.

There should be a lot of documentation online, such as blogs, discussions of issues etc on the SAP's current and SAP SCN archive website, check as much documentation and issues as possible.

Mahboob Mohammed

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Former Member Aug 21, 2017 at 03:18 PM

Yup, what Mahboob said.

Your WebI reports shouldn't get orphaned from the universes but the universes will almost require a rebuild to work again.

Good luck!

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