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When accessing Screen Personas thru load balancer URL, IE hangs

Aug 18, 2017 at 09:49 PM


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We have a load balancer in front of our Screen Personas server. I'm using Internet Explorer 11 and the load balancer URL (<F5 Load-Balancer-URL>/sap/bc/personas), ... to access SMEN screen in Personas 3.0 SP4. IE just hangs ... The 3 dots (representing Personas 'P') appear, but the rest of the screen remains blank (SMEN does not appear). In the F12 network log, I see that IE is attempting to get to service /sap/bc/personas/batch/json?~RG_WEBGUI=X, and fails with "500 - Internal Server Error" (this service does not exist in SICF). Other users in my organization also get the same error consistently when using IE and the load balancer URL.

Wondering if anyone has run into this issue, and can shed any light on this. Much appreciated, thanks.

[ When we use Chrome or Firefox to access Personas with the same load balancer URL, it works fine. Network log shows Chrome/Firefox does not attempt to access service/sap/bc/personas/batch/json?~RG_WEBGUI=X. So, no error. Using IE and the load balancer URL to access a webgui transaction ... this works fine. Also, IE work fine when accessing Personas using the Personas server URL directly (i.e. not thru load balancer) ].



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Jay Pandit Sep 13, 2017 at 05:35 PM

A couple of corrections to my initial description of the issue : upon closer scrutiny of the F12 network log, I see that Chrome/Firefox also do issue the same HTTP request (unlike what I stated earlier), but the difference is that the Chrome/FF request includes an XSRF session token -- /sap/bc/personas/batch/json?~RG_WEBGUI=X&~SEC_SESSTOKEN=<XSRF TOKEN>. The IE request does not include the XSRF session token, and so IE shows the following error : ERROR: A:ITS_P:019 XSRF no sec_sesstoken, which in turn prevents IE from completing the Personas screen rendering.

A search related to this error message reveals Note 2453237 - "SAP GUI for HTML: How to resolve ERROR: A:ITS_P:019 XSRF no sec_sesstoken". Basically Kernel / PL upgrade needed. Note describes Cause : It occurs when using an URL without explicit port declaration for HTTP SSL (HTTPS implicitly using port 443). It is true that our LoadBalancer URL does not have any explicit port declaration for https. We will apply Note 2453237 (i.e. upgrade Kernel / PL) in the near future and re-test, and report back here.

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