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Aug 18, 2017 at 09:07 AM

Webi report scheduled via restful api not refreshing prompt value


We are at SAP Bo 4.1 SP6 patch 5. we are scheduling 3 report using restful api with date value as prompt.We have selected keep last value as true.

Recently we migrated to MSSQL 2012 from Oracle and since then these report are not refreshing with the current date prompt. Though reports are working when scheduled through CMC. For below xml request , response is success and no error:

<schedule><name>Compliance Report</name><format type="xls"/><destination><useSpecificName fileExtension="true">COMPLIANCE_20170711</useSpecificName><filesystem><directory>\\O|Reports\COMPLIANCE\20170711\</directory></filesystem></destination><parameters><parameter optional="false" type="prompt" dpId="DP0"><id>0</id><technicalName>Enter value(s) for As Of D:</technicalName><answer constrained="false" type="DateTime"> <values> <value>20170711</value> </values></answer></parameter></parameters></schedule>

Not sure where is the problem and we don't have any solution for this. Any pointers to resolve this issue will be great help.