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Extract transaction code related to short dumps


Does anyone know a way, either through standard SAP table/file access or programmatically, to determine the transaction code associated with each short dump? I know this can be seen manually by double-clicking the short dump entry in ST22 however I would like to extract and store this information in a custom table for reporting purposes in an ongoing manner.

Thanks very much!

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  • There should be no short dumps whatsoever, so why not invest the resources in solving the core issue(s) instead?

  • One use case could be if you had a system with a thousand dumps a day* as a first step you might like to know which transactions are causing the most trouble so you can focus on them first.

    * yes, I've seen such, when support was outsourced and the customer lost access to technical transactions in production. Took a senior manager 6 months to gain sight of ST22...!

  • Actually I've been in the same boat, and it's easier to just do it by hand with ST22 and Excel. The top 10 will take up >80% of the volume so you can pretty much ignore the rest until you've tackled those. And as you need to analyze them anyway there's hardly any additional effort beyond downloading straight from ST22 into Excel.

    I built up a little lookup table in my spreadsheet with comments for the most frequent dumps, which could include the transactions, IDOCs or whatever else, and fix status. So providing this was more informative than a report.

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1 Answer

  • Aug 19, 2017 at 08:11 PM

    You may read a short dump with function module RS_ST22_GET_FT.

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