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Aug 17, 2017 at 05:56 PM

Monitor PI with SAP Fiori Custom APP


Hi All, I have a requirement to create a useful and intuitive Monitor of PI Interfaces.

My question is about the connection between HUB Gateway System and PI Java Stack.

I found out a Web Service that retrieve the information and the respective payload from PI server. But in this case I am not using ODATA, so we are talking about an application Java that is not Fiori. Am i right with this concept?

1) What is the best way to consume information from PI Java Stack Server and prepare the data for show in a Fiori APP?

2) Where i should deploy de APP? I think that always must be in the hub system. But if I create an Java APP, I am not sure if it should be deplayed in the PI Server and consume the same from the Gateway system in some way.

3)Do you know another way from take data of all interfaces from a PI System?

Thanks and Regards.