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Aug 17, 2017 at 05:21 PM

3rd party sales order remains in APO after sales order has been invoiced.


Can someone please let me know if this is a standard SAP behavior for 3rd party sales order to remain open in APO even after the sales order has been invoice completed? I created a 3rd party sales order with item category "TAS" in ECC, it has been successfully CIFed over to APO SNP and it would correctly consume my forecast as well. Here are the list of the steps 1. VA01 - create 3rd party sales order, upon saving the order, Preq automatically generated 2. ME21N - PO creation 3. MIGO - Virtual Goods Receipt 4. MIRO - create invoice document 5. VF01 - create billing document 6. F-28 to clear it. 3rd party sales order in ECC showing Invoice (Completed) and Accounting document (Cleared). But in APO side, 3rd party sales order remains. I know in a regular sales order scenario, once I have perform PGI, the sales order would disappear from APO and permanently reduces the forecast by the sales order quantity. Should 3rd party sales order do the same?