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ATC checks in BW on HANA regarding column store tables

Aug 17, 2017 at 04:22 PM


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We have a strange effect on customer's BW 7.50 on HANA.
Involved is a table which has storage type 'column store':

SAP told us many times that a table with storage type column store has an index on every column aka table field and we would not need to create secondary indices in SE11.

<update August 21 2017>

Funny fact, the system will create implicit single column index only for primary key fields and for attribute fields in certain situations.

</update August 21 2017>

On the customer system I ran ATC checks and had the checkboxes..., since there is legacy code and there may be good old row-store-tables as well where I want to see bad access practice with lazy or no index care.

While watching the check results I wonder why my column store table shows up in the section "Large table ...: No first field of a table index in WHERE condition"

Remember: column store means that a key column is an implicit index.

Why do I see that select statement which does a WHERE-clause on a key field of the table in my ATC results?

Which section of documentation did I miss? Or do we have a bug in ATC? We appreciate your comment.


br chris

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