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Need SAP Web Dispatcher to reattempt an HTTP Post request if first attempt failed with 500 error?

Hello Experts,

Facing an urgent issue in production where SAP sends some outbound messages to an external system having an SAP Web Dispatcher. This Web Dispatcher is receiving the messages from SAP but when it tries to load balance it to the external system *sometimes* it gets an HTTP 500 error from the external system (other times - about 50% of the time it's successful). Then at some other time we try triggering the exact same failed message from SAP that originally got the 500 error, and it goes through without issue.

Is there a way to configure the SAP Web Dispatcher to "reattempt" sending a message that gets an HTTP 500 error the first time?

I already increased the timeout setting from 1 minute to 10 minutes to see if the message just needed more time, but this provided very little improvement. I need the Web Dispatcher to try multiple times on the same message until it is successful!

If it already does this, is there any way to increase the number of attempts?

Answers much appreciated.

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