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Aug 17, 2017 at 01:02 PM

Variant configuration and object dependencies with date type characteristics


Hi SCN Members.

Based on the first four characteristics we want to determine 5th charactestics VC_MODEL_YEAR

VC_REQ_PROD_DATE is single-value date format characterstics.

Requirnment is that when date is provided to VC_REQ_PROD_DATE characterstics, then based on date and other 3 characterstics, system should propose model year from the below variant table.


SELECT modelyear

FROM zvariant_table

INTO lv_model_year

WHERE mud = lv_mud

AND maker = lv_maker1

AND bodytype = lv_body_type1

AND valid_from <= lv_req_prod_date1

AND valid_to >= lv_req_prod_date1.

i.e. if user selects

Then only relevant (2016,2017 &2018, based on variant table) model year should appear not all like below from CT04 values

Please guide me @flavio.ciotola3 Former Member @Ravikumar B @Andreas G @keyur.mistry1 and other respected members.

Thanking you,


Ashish Mishra


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