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Aug 24, 2007 at 09:05 PM

Condition values negative


Hello everyone,

I created a new condition type, a new pricing procedure and a new credit memo request and a new credit memo type.

We have an existing set up of all this too working well in our system.

The new credit memo request (and the memo itself) is creating the document for a negative value, i..e KOMV-KWERT and VBAP-NETWR (and KOMP-NETWR) are all coming in as negative in spite of the condition record being positive in KOMP-KBETR. Comparing the existing set up and the new one I have verified the following:

1. The conditon types have exactly the same characteristics

2. Copy controls between the 2 sets of order types and billing types is same

3. Pricing procedures are set up same

4. Condition records are both good i.e. positive numbers

5. Both the CR memo types don't have any accouting document define din their configuration and both post RV, the standard acctg. document.

The problem obviously lies in the order stage itself wher eit creates negative valued credit orders.What could have I missed in checking/verifying? Appreciate any advice.

The current set up we are using is the standard CR and G2 which works as expected.

Many thanks.