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Aug 23, 2007 at 02:48 PM

Revenue from post-capitalization from transaction ABNAN


I am working for a local governmental entity, and I am trying to add assets to our system that should have been recognized as acquisitons in previously closed fiscal years. I understand that the transaction I should be using is ABNAN, post-capitalization, however; a problem that I'm running into is, after I post the transaction and perform the next step, transaction ASKB, to post full and contra accrual account postings, I get the following error message: "Revenue from post-capitalization could not be found". We do not have that account set up, nor do we think it's applicable. These are not donated assets from outside our organization, these are simply assets that did not get captured through our normal acquisition processess. Is there a way to run transaction ABNAN and not get this message? Might this be something that can be changed through configuration? Thanks for your help.