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SOAP Axis Sender adapter clarifications

Aug 17, 2017 at 11:03 AM


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PI SOAP sender channel has been configured with Servlet(Axis) as its transport protocol.

Since the sender channel doesn't have the URL which PI has to fetch, What would be the configuration done by the 3rd party to send the information to PI system. And would the details from 3rd party involve all the information like Sender component, Interface and Namespace details ?

And what are the RFC connections which has to be maintained in SM59 of PI system? Please share useful links if any.

PI version used is 7.11


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Manoj K Aug 22, 2017 at 06:39 PM

Hi Vignesh,

Your SOAP with Servlet(Axis) behaves like a normal SOAP adapter i.e which works on push mechanism , where as for Task(Axis) it can work on pull mechanism.

So you need to provide a url of format : http(s)://host:port/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet?senderService=<>∫erface=<>∫erfaceNamespace=<> through which they can push data . You need to go for Axis only if there is special requirement which can't be handled by standard soap adapter as Configuring Axis HandlerBean is not easy.

To Understand axis you can check Axis

And can you please clarify what type of RFC destination you are asking about ? RFC destination are created in SM59 to connect to ECC system for mainly IDOC communication .



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