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Aug 23, 2007 at 02:52 AM

Change Bapi Wrapper


when creating CHANGE bapi wrapper , is there any rule that should follows

Except the rule define below, is there any rule/logic define inside the function?

Import – Structure to hold the BO header data being modified

Tables – Table(s) to hold the list(s) of associated item data, which are used to replace (add/modify/delete) the item data

“RETURN” as Export or Tables parameter

i have read somewhere, that in the change bapi wrapper,i need to replace the existing rows...

my problem is when i modify the value

<b><u>0001</u> Abu 1 </b>

change to

<b><u>0001</u> Abu 2</b>

after i sync

<u>0002</u> Abu 1 <<---data is not modified and syncKey changed

i new syncKey created and i check merep_10100 the old synckey eg: 0001 rows is deleted and new syncKey 0002 is created.

Is this the change bapi wrapper logic error ?

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