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Aug 23, 2007 at 12:57 AM

what is the " variant "null"" mean?


hi,after finishing my Web Dynpro Project,I built my project in DTR,an error happened.It said as follows:

2007-8-22 19:44:25 /userOut/Development Component ( [Thread[ModalContext,5,main]] ERROR: md/wd/model/sla: Build failed for in variant "null": null


Build log -

Development Component Build (2007-08-22 19:44:25)

Component name: md/wd/model/sla

Component vendor:

SC compartment: neusoft.com_ASE_SC_1

Configuration: E01_ASE_D

Location: E01_ASE_D

Source code location: http://neuesdnwep01:50100/dtr/ws/ASE/neusoft.com_ASE_SC/dev/inactive/DCs/

DC root folder: C:\Documents and Settings\neusoft_1\.dtc\0\DCs\\md\wd\model\sla\_comp\

DC type: Web Dynpro

Host: HECJ

DC Model check:

All used DCs are available locally


At the same time,I checked the folder where the project in,and I found that there was a folder called "null" in the "gen" folder,and my there was almost nothing in my "gen" folder and its sub-folders.I don't know what happend.Hope to see your opinions.