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SAP-JEE, SAP_BUILDT, and SAP_JTECHS and Dev Configuration questions

Hi experts,

I am configuring NWDI for our environment and have a few questions that I'm trying to get my arms around.

I've read we need to check-in SAP-JEE, SAP_BUILDT, and SAP_JTECHS as required components, but I'm confused on the whole check-in vs. import thing.

I placed the 3 files in the correct OS directory and checked them in via the check-in tab on CMS. Next, the files show up in the import queue for the DEV tab. My questions are what do I do next?

1. Do I import them into DEV? If so, what is this actually doing? Is it importing into the actual runtime system (i.e. DEV checkbox and parameters as defined in the landscape configurator for this track)? Or is just importing the file into the DEV buildspace of NWDI system?

2. Same question goes for the Consolidation tab. Do I import them in here as well?

3. Do I need to import them into the QA and Prod systems too? Or do I remove them from the queue?

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4. When I download the development configuration, I can select DEV or CON workspace. What is the difference? Does DEV point to the sandbox (or central development) runtime system and CONS points to the configuration runtime system as defined in the landscape configurator? Or is this the DEV an CON workspace/buildspace of the NWDI sytem.

5. Does the selection here dictate the starting point for the development? What is an example scenarios when I would choose DEV vs. CON?

6. I have heard about the concept of a maintenance track and a development track. What is the difference and how do they differ from a setup perspective? When would a Developer pick one over the over?

Thanks for any advice


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    Posted on Aug 23, 2007 at 07:19 AM

    Hi David,

    "Check-In" makes SCA known to CMS, "import" will import the content of the SCAs into CBS/DTR.

    1. Yes. For these three SCAs specifically (they only contain buildarchives, no sources, no deployarchives) the build archives are imported into the dev buildspace on CBS. If the SCAs contain deployarchives and you have a runtime system configured for the dev system then those deployarchives should get deployed onto the runtime system.

    2. Have you seen /people/marion.schlotte/blog/2006/03/30/best-practices-for-nwdi-track-design-for-ongoing-development ? Sooner or later you will want to.

    3. Should be answered indirectly.

    4. Dev/Cons correspond to the Dev/Consolidation system in CMS. For each developed SC you have 2 systems with 2 workspaces in DTR for each (inactive/active)

    5. You should use dev. I would only use cons for corrections if they can't be done in dev and transported. Note that you will get conflicts in DTR if you do parallel changes in dev and cons.

    6. See link in No.2 ?



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