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Handling Invalid character.

Hello All

My message mapping is failing because of an invalid character and gives the following Exception Fatal Error: Invalid char #0x1a(:main:, row:1, col:1496905) at

Upon Investigation i found that the "char #0x1a" is an EndOfFile(EOF) character and on the browser this character looks like ' ' . Is there a way by which i can just ignore this character so that that mapping does not fail.

Please suggest.


Nilesh Taunk.

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3 Answers

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    Aug 22, 2007 at 01:52 PM

    What is the sender adapter you are using?

    If File , you can change the Encoding Schema correspodnig to the data you are getting and then things should work fine.

    If this is an Invalid XML character (,i.e ) a character that is not a part of the XML charset then you might need a Java Mapping before your graphical mapping that cleans the data and then graphical mapping will do your mapping and so on.



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  • Aug 22, 2007 at 01:51 PM


    Try this in the FCC parameter....

    Field.enclosureSign = 0x1a / Field.enclosureSignEnd = 0x1a

    Field.enclosureConversion = Yes.

    The field name should be the field that contains the invalid character.

    Field.enclosureSign = 0x1a

    specifys the invalid string as the text delimiter and

    Field.enclosureConversion = Yes.

    removes the delimiter when the text is transferred so that the mapping is not errored out...



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    Former Member
    Aug 22, 2007 at 01:52 PM

    Hi Taunk

    The following informatio may help you

    File Sender: Special Characters in File Names

    <b>o Q: I am trying to get the File Adapter to poll a file, which

    contains special characters (e.g., accented characters or umlauts)

    in its file name. However, irrespectively of the wildcard mask I

    specify in the File Adapter sender channel configuration, the file

    does not get picked up. Which configuration setting do I need to

    change to get my scenario working?</b>

    o A: Under certain operating system platforms, such as Solaris, the

    APIs used by the Java Runtime (JRE) are not Unicode-aware.

    Consequently, the JRE needs to be configured to correctly interpret

    the character set it receives from the operating system.

    This is configured through the "file.encoding" system property as

    well as the "LANG" environment variable.

    Make sure you set "file.encoding" to a character set (such as

    ISO-8859-1) that supports the special characters you would like to

    process. This system property can be configured by appending

    "-Dfile.encoding=<encoding>" to the Java VM parameters section of

    the SAP J2EE Config Tool.

    Additionally, you need to set the "LANG" environment variable to a

    locale that supports more than 7 bits, such as "de.ISO8859-1". The

    encoding you specify in the LANG environment variable needs to

    match the encoding set via "file.encoding".

    You can persistently configure the environment variable by setting

    it in the profile $HOME/.sapenv_$HOSTNAME.csh of the <sid>adm user:

    setenv LANG de.ISO8859-1

    Warm Regards,


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