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ADR6 and How does it Fit in SRM-EBP

Hello All,

I'm confused and have a headache researching this particular issue. ADR6 contain SMTP (E-mail Addresses). That's understood. Now for SRM to link to those addresses, I thought you have to use BUT000 and BUT052. That will give you the e-mail address for a Person linked to a particular organization unit. However, I have found that a took a particular person and found his e-mail 7 times in ADR6. Two with different Personel Numbers and five with no personel numbers. However, due to some rush, the ADR6 record I found linking the person to an organization had an xxx@... for an e-mail address.

So, I know a person via SU01 can have an entry in ADR6 and then in transaction BP, I believe you can set up and internal and external communication which can product 2 entries in ADR6. But what about the others? Why is this more complicated than it needs to be? Also, what address does EBP use?

Thank you in advance for any asistance and apologizes for venting.


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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Aug 22, 2007 at 07:40 PM

    Hi Dean,

    Try linking tables ADR6 with table USR21. This should solve your issue. If it doesnot, please let me know what you are looking for. The complication you are facing might be because of incorrect EBP User creations multiple times.

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    • USR21 to ADR6 connection is for SU01 assignment, if I am correct. However, I thought BUT052 is what EBP uses in workflow, etc. Is that not correct?

      Just to clarify, the way users are usually set up is SU01 first, then USERS_GEN. Is that not the correct order? Also if an e-mail is not set up initially in SU01 but a bogus one. When SU02 is used to update record, doesn't BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE update EBP accordingly.

  • Jan 08, 2009 at 07:48 PM

    Not answered.... gave up.

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    Former Member
    May 14, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    Trying to revive this thread from the dead as I too am facing a similar issue (emails going out to the wrong Approver for Shopping Cart approval). In our case, I have verified that the email on the Approvers SU01 is correct and BP are correct.

    When I take the Approvers BP number from the Org. Structure and populate it in BUT000 to get the Person Number and populate the Person Number in ADR6, it does not pull the correct email address. Even stranger, when I use FM BBP_USER_CHANGE_FIELDS to update the entry, the system automatically changes it back overnight to the original incorrect entry.

    My understanding is that there are several sources generating a Address Number and Person Number pairs in ADR6. Maintaining a email in SU01 and BP are the two primary ways. I have validated that these are both set up with the correct email. I am trying to find the alternate sources or how emails get populated in ADR6 and the links.

    Also, I have validated that the email addresses linked to the person numbers that are linked to the User IDs in USR21 are correct, so it appears that the SRM/EBP workflow is not referrencing these.

    I see several threads on this topic, but none have been answered. Hopefully we can finally put this one to bed. Thanks in advance for any input! 😀

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Vincent,

      I am not sure if I understand you right. Please note, that  a Person / Central Person or a  Business Partner or a User must not have the same email-address.

      For e.g. Mr. Mike Muller

      is Central Person (CP) 1234566

      is Business Partner (BP) 3455544

      is User GPC345544

      If you want to find out the email-address:

      User:                          Go to table USR21 and from there to table ADR6

      Business Partner:      Go to table BUT020 and from there to table ADR6

      Person/CP:                Go to table HRP1000 / HRP1001 and from there to HRP5585

      The link between Person / Central Person, Business Partner and User you will find in table HRP1001.

      I hope this might help.

      best regards,